• About the Graduate School

    With faculty drawn from several of the university's academic units, the Graduate School–New Brunswick enrolls nearly 4,400 students and confers degrees in 61 doctoral programs and 74 master's programs. Learn more about our programs of study.

  • Advanced Study at Rutgers

    At the Graduate School–New Brunswick, our faculty and students are immersed in discovery and innovation. Our school enrolls approximately 4,400 students in 61 doctoral programs and 74 master's programs. Drawn from academic divisions across Rutgers New Brunswick Campus, our faculty are grounded in the arts and sciences, as well as several professional fields.

    The size of the graduate community is a result of the large number of programs; the actual enrollment of each is limited. Most graduate degree programs offer their instruction in small classes and seminars, provide for close association between students and faculty members, encourage independent study, and work with their students to create programs flexible enough to meet mutual interests and needs. Students and faculty members are engaged in common pursuits of understanding and learning, and the Graduate School–New Brunswick encourages their cooperative exploration of the subjects that interest them without the impediments of routine and the rigidities of mechanical requirements.

    About the Graduate School - New Brunswick