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Browse the listing below to view all School of Graduate Studies full- and part-time administrators, including staff who oversee our Biomedical Sciences graduate programs located in both New Brunswick/Piscataway and Newark.

For questions related to specific graduate programs, please consult our Program Directory to contact the programs directly. Questions concerning application and admission to our school should be sent to the staff at the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions.


Jerome J. Kukor image

Jerome J. Kukor, Ph.D.
848-932-7275  |

Kathleen Scotto image Kathleen Scotto, Ph.D.
Vice Dean
732-235-4812  |

Eileen Kowler image

Eileen Kowler, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
848-932-7275  |

  • Develops and enforces academic standards and policies
  • Oversees graduate curriculum and graduate faculty appointments
  • Primary liaison for Graduate Directors
  • Manages program reviews and supervises international exchanges
  • Oversees the promotion and facilitation of interdisciplinary initiatives aimed at graduate student training, development, and professionalization

no image Barbara E. Bender, Ed.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Support and Graduate Student Services
848-932-7747  |

James Millonig image James Millonig, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean
732-235-3391  |

Andrew Thomas image Andrew Thomas, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean
973-972-4511  |

Dan Fine image Dan Fine, D.M.D.
Senior Associate Dean
973-972-3728  |

Evelyn Erenrich image Evelyn Erenrich, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Recruitment and Retention
848-932-9286  |

  • Recruits students from diverse backgrounds and develops initiatives to promote successful student transitions from undergraduate life to graduate study to professional careers
  • Directs RISE at Rutgers (Research Intensive Summer Experience), a summer research program for high-achieving undergraduate students, in order to promote diversity and excellence in graduate education
  • Leads participation in the Big Ten Academic Alliance, the National Research Mentoring Network, and other consortia to promote diversity in graduate and postdoctoral education
  • Supports outreach and broader impact sections of faculty training and research grants and administers Diversity, SUPER Grad, and MS/PhD Bridge Fellowships

no image Stephen Garrett, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
973-972-4511  |

  • Manages Medical Scholar’s Track of Master’s Program
  • Enforces Academic Policies and Oversees Student Affairs for SGS students

David Pickens image David Pickens
Associate Dean for Strategic Planning
848-932-4950  |

Janet Alder image Janet Alder, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic and Student Affairs
732-235-5392  |

  • Coordinates iJOBS career development program for biomedical PhD students and postdoctoral fellows
  • Oversees academic enrichment initiatives for biomedical PhD students including training in Responsible Conduct of Research, Rigor and Reproducibility, Individual Development Plans, and Communicating Science
  • Assists with Student Affairs for biomedical PhD students
  • Organizes STEM community outreach and summer undergraduate research program activities

Debabrata Banerjee image Debabrata Banerjee, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives
732-235-4154  |

  • Manages global initiatives including international outreach, recruitment, and collaborations
  • Oversees admissions, administration, and curriculum of Biomedical Sciences Master's programs in New Brunswick/Piscataway

Teresa M. Delcorso-Ellmann image Teresa M. Delcorso-Ellmann
Assistant Dean for Graduate Student External Support
848-932-2705  |

  • Founding director of GradFund, which provides Fellowship Advising through peer mentoring to graduate students applying for honorific, extramural fellowships, and grants to support graduate work
  • Manages the development and curation of the GradFund digital platform and knowledgebase
  • Coordinates SGS managed fellowship competitions including: Fulbright IIE, Fulbright Hays, DAAD, PEO Scholars Award, Boren Fellowship

Ramazan Güngör, image Ramazan Güngör, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean
848-932-6560  |

  • Administration and assessment of professional development and cross-disciplinary activities for the entire graduate community in areas such as scientific communication, ethics and responsible research, mentoring, outreach, and preparation for jobs and careers
  • Manage collaborations and partnerships with individual graduate programs and with internally and externally funded programs

Carol Lutz image Carol Lutz, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Curriculum
973-972-0899  |

  • Oversees admissions, administration, curriculum, and student initiatives of the Molecular Biology, Cancer and Genetics Track of the Newark Biomedical Sciences Multidisciplinary PhD Program
  • Advises students in the Medical Scholars Track of the Newark Masters in Biomedical Sciences program
  • Oversees admissions and administration of the Biomedical Research Scholars Track of the Newark Masters in Biomedical Sciences program
  • Develops new curricula and programs and assists with student affairs
  • Recruits new students to the Newark Biomedical Sciences programs

Vincent Tsiagbe image Vincent Tsiagbe, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Pre-Dental Programs
973-972-2612  |

Smita Thakker-Varia image Smita Thakker-Varia, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic and Student Affairs
732-235-5393  |

  • Provides active academic and student support, structurally and individually, to students in the Biomedical Sciences PhD and Master's programs in New Brunswick/Piscataway
  • Oversees admissions, administration, and curricular matters for Biomedical Sciences Master's programs in New Brunswick/Piscataway
  • Supports recruitment and outreach efforts for Biomedical Sciences PhD and Master's programs in New Brunswick/Piscataway

Alex Bachmann image Alex Bachmann
Senior Administrator for Student Services
848-932-7449  |

  • Responsible for matters pertaining to registration, inter-institutional registrations, drops and adds, and course-related problems
  • Monitors all ESL registrations and issues
  • Serves as liaison to graduate programs and the Graduate Student Association on student issues
  • Provides leadership and support for the TA Project and new student orientation

Doreen Badheka image Doreen Badheka, Ph.D.
Program Director for Special Projects
973-972-0908  |

  • Develops, manages, and leads programs related to graduate student and postdoctoral fellows' career and professional development
  • Strengthens academic data research and analysis and submits grant proposals for funds from private foundations, corporations, and government agencies
  • Collaborates with biopharma companies, nonprofit research organizations, contract research organizations, and educational institutions to enhance biomedical sciences training and education

Mayra Barreto image Mayra Barreto
Program Support Coordinator
973-972-4511  |

  • Handles course schedules and room assignments for Newark biomedical students
  • Coordinates open house, recruitment events, and orientations
  • Manages Travel Awards and oversees the summer research program
  • Processes acceptance letters and oversees the processing of PhD stipends and fellowships

no image Stephanie Brescia
Project Coordinator
848-932-4454  |

Gary Bushhorn image Gary Buschhorn
Business Specialist
848-932-1664  |

  • Assists with budget and financial matters
  • Manages requests related to fellowships, tuition, tuition waivers, conference travel, and health benefits

Barbara Coleman-Lee image Barbara Coleman-Lee
Manager of Enrollment and Academic Services
973-972-8385  |

no image Allison Gradina
Senior Administrative Assistant
848-932-6579  |

  • Facilitates the degree completion process for all SGS students
  • Provides administrative support to the business office
  • Assists in planning and executing convocation and commencement ceremonies

Donna Jackson image Donna Jackson
Management Assistant
973-972-8385  |


Sue Lomanto image Sue Lomanto
Director of Administration and Finance
973-972-5332  |

Dawn Lopez image Dawn Lopez
Program Coordinator
848-932-6584  |

  • Provides administrative support for SGS recruitment and retention initiatives, with a focus on diversity and inclusion
  • Coordinates logistics and budgets for the RISE at Rutgers (Research Intensive Summer Experience) summer undergraduate research program and assists with longitudinal tracking of RISE alumni
  • Supports the Assistant Dean for Recruitment and Retention with Big Ten Academic Alliance initiatives and other SGS special projects

Leslie Lucy image Leslie Lucy
Staff Assistant
973-972-4511  |

  • Responsible for processing applications for Biomedical Sciences-Newark graduate programs
  • Provides administrative support to the Assistant Director of Administrative Services regarding degree completion and graduation for Biomedical Sciences-Newark students
  • Serves as liaison for the Graduate Student Association (GSA) in Newark

Theresa Manzo image Theresa Manzo
Senior Administrative Assistant
848-932-7275  |

  • Provides administrative support to the Dean and the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Gathers and processes course proposals, graduate faculty nominations, and other area committee business
  • Coordinates SGS events and functions

no image Tina Marottoli
Management Assistant
732-235-2106  |

  • Responsible for matters pertaining to registration, add/drop requests, and paperwork required for award of degree for Biomedical Sciences-Piscataway programs
  • Processes student travel awards, PhD stipends, and fellowships for Biomedical Sciences-Piscataway students
  • Administrative Assistant for both Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology & Integrative Biology graduate programs
  • Manages operational areas including Financial Services, Human Resources, and Facilities for Biomedical Sciences-Piscataway programs and various departments and personnel

Kimberly Pemberton image Kimberly Pemberton
Program Coordinator
973-972-8384  |

Erica Reed image Erica Reed
Program Coordinator
848-932-6562  |

  • Provides social media support to the Graduate School’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Assists with the Graduate School awards project, maintains the Graduate Faculty database and helps with bi-annual Graduate Catalog
  • Prepares reports on program outcomes for the RISE at Rutgers summer research program
  • Assists with multi-institutional programs, including the Big Ten Academic Alliance

no image Tracy Scott
Special Projects Coordinator
732-235-2839  |

  • Develops training grant applications
  • Collects data for Biomedical Sciences programs
  • Assists with special projects for Biomedical Sciences programs

Johanna Sierra image Johanna Sierra
Admissions Coordinator
732-235-5016  |

  • Administrative Assistant for all New Brunswick/Piscataway Master's programs in Biomedical Sciences
  • Coordinates orientations, open houses, and recruitment events for Master's programs
  • Responsible for program activites, course schedules, and room assignments
  • Provides social media support to Master's programs

Barbara Sirman image Barbara Sirman
Senior Administrator for Degree Certification
848-932-8122  |

  • Responsible for matters pertaining to degree certification
  • Reviews and grants approval of dissertation and thesis format, including electronic theses and dissertations
  • Maintains student records—readmission, credit transfer, status, program, and grade changes--and coordinates student employment
  • Oversees convocation and commencement planning
  • Organizes and presents dissertation and thesis workshops

Nadine Stevens image Nadine Stevens
Assistant Director of Administrative Services
973-972-4511  |

Beatrice Suffrant image Beatrice Suffrant
Administrative Assistant
973-972-7225  |

Simona Turcu Hodgson image Simona Turcu
Senior Director of Business and Administration
848-932-2286  |

  • Oversees and manages financial operations for New Brunswick/Piscataway graduate programs
  • Provides fiscal leadership and strategic planning for the Office of the Dean
  • Manages operational areas including Business Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, and Facilities for various SGS offices and personnel

no image Wayne Zhou, Ph.D.
Director of Strategic Initiatives
973-972-5333  |


Ben Arenger image Ben Arenger, Ph.D.
Project Manager
848-932-6588  |

  • Manages projects related to graduate student data, scholarly communication, funding awards, and recruitment/retention