Our Global Mission

To the Members of Our Community and to All Prospective Students,

Having witnessed so much change and uncertainty over the past few months, I want to emphasize our lasting commitment to our students’ training, development, and well-being and to reaffirm our values as an institution of higher learning.

The School of Graduate Studies has a central, fundamental mission: to foster new ideas and create new knowledge. Our programs are home to students from over 125 countries, to world-renowned scholars involved in cutting-edge research, and to administrators who care deeply about helping students succeed both in and out of graduate classrooms and labs. Each year, we admit the best and brightest students the world has to offer—regardless of citizenship status or national origin—and we provide them with the training, tools, and support they need to become experts in their chosen fields of study and to thrive at Rutgers and beyond.

Ours is a global mission, which means that it can be impacted by geopolitical affairs that are far beyond our control. Although we cannot alter the winds of political change, I want to assure the members of our community—and all domestic and international applicants—that we are as committed as ever to the success of our students and to the free and open exchange of information and ideas, the cornerstone of academic inquiry. The School of Graduate Studies would not be what it is without the ongoing influx of intelligent, creative students from across the United States and the world.

I am proud to serve Rutgers’ graduate students, faculty, and staff, and I encourage prospective students, both at home and abroad, to join our school’s vibrant intellectual community.


Jerome J. Kukor

School of Graduate Studies