Jerome J. Kukor image Jerome J. Kukor, Ph.D.
848-932-7275  |

Kathleen Scotto image Kathleen Scotto, Ph.D.
Vice Dean
732-235-4812  |

Dorothy Hodgson image Dorothy Hodgson, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
848-932-7275  |

  • Develops and enforces academic standards and policies
  • Oversees graduate curriculum and graduate faculty appointments
  • Primary liaison for Graduate Directors
  • Manages program assessments and reviews
  • Supervises international exchanges

James Millonig image James Millonig, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean
732-235-3391  |

Andrew Thomas image Andrew Thomas, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean
973-972-4511  |

no image Barbara E. Bender, Ed.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Support and Graduate Student Services
848-932-7747  |

Eileen Kowler image Eileen Kowler, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean for Professional Development and Cross-Disciplinary Initiatives
848-932-8910  |

  • Creates and manages professional development and cross-disciplinary activities
  • Oversees the promotion and facilitation of interdisciplinary initiatives aimed at graduate student training, development, and professionalization

Dan Fine image Dan Fine, D.M.D.
Senior Associate Dean
973-972-3728  |

Evelyn Erenrich image Evelyn Erenrich, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Recruitment and Retention
848-932-9286  |

  • Recruits students from diverse backgrounds and develops initiatives to promote successful student transitions from undergraduate life to graduate study to professional careers
  • Directs RISE at Rutgers (Research Intensive Summer Experience), a summer research program for high-achieving undergraduate students, in order to promote diversity and excellence in graduate education
  • Leads participation in the Big Ten Academic Alliance, the National Research Mentoring Network, and other consortia to promote diversity in graduate and postdoctoral education
  • Supports outreach and broader impact sections of faculty training and research grants and administers Diversity, SUPER Grad, and MS/PhD Bridge Fellowships

no image Stephen Garrett, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
973-972-4511  |

  • Manages Medical Scholar’s Track of Master’s Program
  • Enforces Academic Policies and Oversees Student Affairs for SGS students

David Pickens image David Pickens
Associate Dean for Strategic Planning
848-932-4950  |

Janet Alder image Janet Alder, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic and Student Affairs
732-235-5392  |

  • Coordinates iJOBS career development program for biomedical PhD students
  • Oversees academic enrichment initiatives for biomedical PhD students
  • Organizes STEM community outreach and summer undergraduate research program activities

Debabrata Banerjee image Debabrata Banerjee, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Global Initiatives
732-235-4154  |

Teresa M. Delcorso-Ellmann image Teresa M. Delcorso-Ellmann
Assistant Dean for Graduate Student External Support
848-932-2705  |

  • Founding director of GradFund, which provides Fellowship Advising through peer mentoring to graduate students applying for honorific, extramural fellowships, and grants to support graduate work
  • Manages the development and curation of the GradFund digital platform and knowledgebase
  • Coordinates SGS managed fellowship competitions including: Fulbright IIE, Fulbright Hays, DAAD, PEO Scholars Award, Boren Fellowship

Carol Lutz image Carol Lutz, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Curriculum
973-972-0899  |

  • Oversees admissions, administration, curriculum, and student initiatives of the Molecular Biology, Cancer and Genetics Track of the Newark Biomedical Sciences Multidisciplinary PhD Program
  • Advises students in the Medical Scholars Track of the Newark Masters in Biomedical Sciences program
  • Oversees admissions and administration of the Biomedical Research Scholars Track of the Newark Masters in Biomedical Sciences program
  • Develops new curricula and programs and assists with student affairs
  • Recruits new students to the Newark Biomedical Sciences programs

J.D. Thomas image John D. Thomas, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Project Management, Communications, and Special Projects
848-932-6588  |

  • Oversees internal and external communications for the School of Graduate Studies
  • Responsible for public relations, marketing, and web communications 
  • Collaborates with offices across Rutgers to increase student, faculty, staff, and alumni awareness and engagement
  • Manages competitions for schoolwide academic awards and fellowships

Vincent Tsiagbe image Vincent Tsiagbe, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Pre-Dental Programs
973-972-2612  |

Smita Thakker-Varia image Smita Thakker-Varia, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Graduate Academic and Student Affairs
732-235-5393  |

Alex Bachmann image Alex Bachmann
Senior Administrator for Student Services
848-932-7449  |

  • Responsible for matters pertaining to registration, inter-institutional registrations, drops and adds, and course-related problems
  • Monitors all ESL registrations and issues
  • Serves as liaison to graduate programs and the Graduate Student Association on student issues
  • Provides leadership and support for the TA Project

Doreen Badheka image Doreen Badheka, Ph.D.
Program Director for Special Projects
973-972-0908  |

  • Develops, manages, and leads programs related to graduate student and postdoctoral fellows' career and professional development
  • Strengthens academic data research and analysis and submits grant proposals for funds from private foundations, corporations, and government agencies
  • Collaborates with biopharma companies, nonprofit research organizations, contract research organizations, and educational institutions to enhance biomedical sciences training and education

Mayra Barreto image Mayra Barreto
Program Support Coordinator
973-972-4511  |

  • Handles course schedules and room assignments for Newark biomedical students
  • Coordinates open house, recruitment events, and orientations
  • Manages Travel Awards and oversees the summer research program
  • Processes acceptance letters and oversees the processing of PhD stipends and fellowships

Gary Bushhorn image Gary Buschhorn
Business Specialist
848-932-1664  |

  • Assists with budget and financial matters
  • Manages requests related to fellowships, tuition, tuition waivers, conference travel, and health benefits

no image Tina Cicolella
Management Assistant
732-235-2106  |

Barbara Coleman-Lee image Barbara Coleman-Lee
Manager of Enrollment and Academic Services
973-972-8385  |

Perry Dominguez image Perry Dominguez
Program Support Coordinator
732-235-2839  |

no image Allison Gradina
Senior Administrative Assistant
848-932-6579  |

  • Facilitates the degree completion process for all SGS students
  • Provides administrative support to the business office
  • Assists in planning and executing convocation and commencement ceremonies

Donna Jackson image Donna Jackson
Management Assistant
973-972-8385  |


Sue Lomanto image Sue Lomanto
Director of Administration and Finance
973-972-5332  |

Dawn Lopez image Dawn Lopez
Program Coordinator
848-932-6584  |

  • Provides administrative support for SGS recruitment and retention initiatives, with a focus on diversity and inclusion
  • Coordinates logistics and budgets for the RISE at Rutgers (Research Intensive Summer Experience) summer undergraduate research program and assists with longitudinal tracking of RISE alumni
  • Supports the Assistant Dean for Recruitment and Retention with Big Ten Academic Alliance initiatives and other SGS special projects

Leslie Lucy image Leslie Lucy
Staff Assistant
973-972-4511  |

Theresa Manzo image Theresa Manzo
Senior Administrative Assistant
848-932-7275  |

  • Provides administrative support to the Dean and the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Gathers and processes course proposals, graduate faculty nominations, and other area committee business
  • Coordinates SGS events and functions

Joy Muhammad image Joy Muhammad
Principal Management Assistant to the Vice Dean
732-235-4812  |

Kimberly Pemberton image Kimberly Pemberton
Program Coordinator
973-972-8384  |

Erica Reed image Erica Reed
Program Coordinator
848-932-6562  |

  • Provides social media support to the Graduate School’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Assists with the Graduate School awards project, maintains the Graduate Faculty database and helps with bi-annual Graduate Catalog
  • Prepares reports on program outcomes for the RISE at Rutgers summer research program
  • Assists with multi-institutional programs, including the Big Ten Academic Alliance

Johanna Sierra image Johanna Sierra
Admissions Coordinator
732-235-5016  |

Barbara Sirman image Barbara Sirman
Senior Administrator for Degree Certification
848-932-8122  |

  • Responsible for matters pertaining to degree certification
  • Reviews and grants approval of dissertation and thesis format
  • Maintains student records—readmission, credit transfer, status, program, and grade changes
  • Oversees convocation and commencement planning
  • Organizes and presents dissertation and thesis workshops
  • Coordinates student employment

Nadine Stevens image Nadine Stevens
Assistant Director of Administrative Services
973-972-4511  |

Beatrice Suffrant image Beatrice Suffrant
Administrative Assistant
973-972-1396  |

Simona Turcu Hodgson image Simona Turcu
Business Manager
848-932-2286  |

  • Oversees and manages financial operations for New Brunswick/Piscataway graduate programs
  • Provides fiscal leadership and strategic planning for the Office of the Dean
  • Manages operational areas including Business Services, Financial Services, Human Resources, and Facilities for various SGS offices and personnel

Ben Arenger image Ben Arenger, Ph.D.
Senior Fellowship Advisor
848-932-6546  |

  • Advises graduate students and postdoctoral fellows on external funding
  • Develops and runs workshops on grant and fellowship writing
  • Assists with strategic planning for the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Ramazan Güngör, image Ramazan Güngör, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Associate
848-932-6560  |

  • Administration and assessment of professional development and cross-disciplinary activities for the entire graduate community in areas such as scientific communication, ethics and responsible research, mentoring, outreach, and preparation for jobs and careers
  • Manage collaborations and partnerships with individual graduate programs and with internally and externally funded programs