Hooding Process for Ph.D. Candidates and Their Advisers

All candidates and advisers will have secured academic regalia prior to the ceremony.

Advisors will line-up in the marshaling area behind their student. This will allow for the student and advisor to sit next to each other and access the stage together. If an advisor has more than one student, they should be sure to line up with the student who is first in line.

When the row of Ph.D.’s is guided to the platform by the marshals, the advisor will follow the student onto the stage.

When the student’s name is read, followed by the reading of the advisor’s name, the student will proceed to the hooding area and offer the hood to Rich Novak or Brad Hillman. The advisor will step behind the candidate and take one half of the hood from Rich or Brad. Both the advisor and Rich will slip the hood over the candidate. The candidate and the advisor will then turn right and exit the stage shaking hands with Dean Jerome Kukor or Dean Kathy Scotto.

If the advisor has more than one student, the advisor will remain on the stage, at the rear, and approach the front as the additional candidate(s) arrive on stage. The procedure is repeated.

To expedite the process, we ask that all candidates and advisors save their hugs and congratulations until they return to their seats.

If a student’s adviser is not in attendance, Rich Novak and Brad Hillman will hood the candidate.

The hooding video below will help you understand the process. Please review it prior to the Convocation. If you have any questions, please call 848-932-8122.