Fellowships and Awards

The following is a summary of the funding opportunities available to students enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies:


University and Louis Bevier Dissertation Completion Fellowships

The Graduate School will award 13 University and Louis Bevier Dissertation Completion Fellowships for the 2017-2018 academic year. Doctoral students in both schools are eligible to apply. The fellowships carry a stipend of $25,000, health insurance (if needed), and tuition remission for up to 2 research credits per semester (no more than 4 total for the academic year).

Visit the University and Louis Bevier Fellowships page to learn more about these fellowships and to download the application.



Special Study & Pre-Dissertation Awards

Special Study Awards are intended to assist students who wish to benefit from educational opportunities away from campus. These include specialized workshops, summer programs in advanced methods, courses in which rare languages are taught, and other forms of specialized training that entail fees or travel expenses and that are not currently offered at Rutgers.

Pre-Dissertation Awards are intended for students at the beginning of their doctoral research--i.e. those who have completed their qualifying/candidacy exams--who would materially benefit from field-specific research opportunities. These awards are specifically designed to help students gather preliminary data in order to lay the groundwork for their dissertation projects.

Visit the Special Study & Pre-Dissertation Awards page to find out more about these awards.



Conference Travel Awards

The Graduate School announces the opening of its new Awards Portal, an online system designed to streamline the application process for Conference Travel Awards. If you are interested in applying for an award, you must do so via the online system (even if you have already submitted a paper application to your graduate program).

Please see the Conference Travel Awards page for more details.



Teaching and Research Awards

Each spring, the Graduate School honors faculty members and graduate students for outstanding contributions to teaching and research. Each Graduate Program Director is entitled to nominate one person for each of these awards. Students interested in being considered should contact the director of their graduate program.

  • Dissertation Teaching Awards: Four $3,500 awards to graduate students who have shown excellence in both teaching and research and who propose to offer an upper-division undergraduate course in the area of the student’s dissertation research.
  • Graduate Faculty & Student Teaching Awards: Two award per year for graduate teaching by faculty members and two awards per year for undergraduate teaching by graduate students. Nominees for the graduate faculty teaching awards will be judged on all aspects of graduate teaching and mentoring.
  • Dean's Research Awards: Six $1,000 awards this year to graduate students for outstanding research accomplishments.
  • Staff Excellence Awards: Two awards this year to graduate program administrative assistants and other relevant staff members who support graduate students. Nominees for the staff excellence award will be judged on the basis of submitted evidence of extraordinary service to graduate students and graduate faculty members.

Awards are presented at a reception in late April hosted by the dean of the Graduate School. Graduate students enrolled in the Graduate School-New Brunswick and Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences are eligible for nomination or competition.

Visit the Teaching and Research Awards page to learn more about these opportunities.



Diversity Fellowships

Several fellowships intended to enhance diversity in graduate education are administered by the School of Graduate Studies. Each fellowship comes with Fellows health insurance:

  • Graduate School Excellence Fellowships: Awarded to first-year PhD students in order to promote diversity in graduate education. Includes $25K stipend, tuition remission, and Fellows health insurance. Graduate programs should supplement, if necessary, to match standard offers to other admits. Please see the Diversity Fellowships page for more information.
  • SUPER-Grad (Summer Undergraduate Pipeline to Excellence at Rutgers) Fellowships: Stipends and tuition for one or two years for entering PhD students. Candidates must be alumni of summer undergraduate research programs at Rutgers, including, but not restricted to, the RiSE at Rutgers program. SUPER-Grad stipend contribution is $25K plus Fellows health insurance, and the program should supplement, if necessary, to match standard offers to other admits. Funding comes from the NB Strategic Plan with matches from participating responsibility units.
  • MS to PhD Bridge Fellowship: One fellowship annually for a PhD applicant who would be better served by a transitional Masters to PhD track. The Fellow must be from traditional underrepresented minorities or women. Funded by the NASA NJ Space Grant Consortium.
  • Trustees Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Stipends, tuition, and Fellows health insurance for five doctoral students and two master's students universitywide.
  • Robeson Fellowship: Stipend and Fellows health insurance for one African-American doctoral student.
  • Ralph Bunche Fellowships: $15,000 stipends and Fellows health insurance for up to 16 students. Master's and professional-degree students are eligible. Candidates are presented to the Graduate School by the relevant degree-granting units.



Other Funding Opportunities

  • Matching Tuition: The Graduate School provides tuition awards--and often health insurance as well--to match competitive, prestigious fellowships won by graduate students enrolled in any of its programs.
  • Hazel Vera Dean Fellowships: Fellowships for doctoral students who are New Jersey residents.