Mentoring Resources & Training

Excellence in Mentorship Fellows Program 16:186:601/602

The Graduate Mentoring Fellows Program, is a year-long program, begun in Sept. 2011, to provide participants with the opportunity to study the functions involved in serving as a good mentor and to work with undergraduates as a mentor for one academic year. Through this program, Ph.D. students consider the skills necessary for effective management of classes and laboratories and how to establish professional relationships with undergraduate students to help them realize their academic and professional potential.  

Graduate Student Summer Mentoring Skills Workshop

The following presentation, "Mentorship" was developed by Rebecca Jordan for a workshop on Mentoring Skills for Graduate Students targeted to mentors of summer undergraduate interns.  This workshop is generally repeated every May. "Entering Mentoring" is  manual for a training seminar developed by the University of Wisconsin. 

Selected Guides for Advisor/Advisee, Mentor/Mentee Relationships