Awards and Opportunities

The following is a summary of special fellowships and other funding and award opportunities provided and/or administered by the Graduate School–New Brunswick (GSNB). Unless otherwise indicated, individual fellows are selected by the school, which bases its decisions on the principles of merit as well as fair and reasonable distribution among the relevant units. The dean of GSNB will be advised of the allocation of funding opportunities by the Executive Council of the New Brunswick Graduate Faculty. Announcements will be mailed out with information on application procedures and deadlines. Students do not apply directly for these fellowships; they are nominated by graduate program directors.

  • Diversity Fellowships

    Several fellowships intended to enhance diversity in graduate education in New Brunswick and/or Rutgers University are administered through the GSNB:

    • Graduate School Diversity Fellowships (formerly MAP): Stipends and tuition available for Ph.D. students. Stipends are currently set at $21,000.
    • Trustees Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Stipends and tuition for five doctoral students and two master's students universitywide.
    • Robeson Fellowship: Stipend (half provided by an endowment, half by the GSNB) for one African-American doctoral student.
    • Ralph Bunche Fellowships: Stipends for 16 students (one- or two-year awards); master's and professional-degree students are eligible. Candidates are presented to the GSNB by the relevant degree-granting units.
  • Other Fellowships

    • University/Bevier Fellowships (PDF): Stipends and partial tuition for eight New Brunswick dissertation-stage students, selected by an appointed committee of New Brunswick Graduate Faculty members, and one stipend for a GSNB entering student who had received a baccalaureate degree from Rutgers. Dissertation-stage Bevier fellowships are intended for two purposes: to support students whose funding from other sources will not continue and to support students who would otherwise have to serve as teaching assistants and would thus be unable to concentrate fully on completing their dissertations. Graduate students registered in the Graduate School-New Brunswick (School 16) are eligible for nomination or competition.
    • Hazel Vera Dean Fellowships: Fellowships for GSNB doctoral students who are New Jersey residents.
  • Matching Tuitions

    The GSNB also provides tuition awards to match competitive, prestigious fellowships won by individual graduate students in all GSNB programs. In most instances, the GSNB also provides health insurance to such students.

  • Other Funding Opportunities for Supporting students

    The GSNB has extremely limited funds to support graduate students' research and travel expenses. Only graduate students registered in the Graduate School-New Brunswick (School 16) are eligible for nomination or competition.

  • Teaching and Research Awards

    Each spring, the GSNB honors faculty members and graduate students for outstanding contributions to teaching and research. Faculty committees select two faculty members to receive awards for graduate teaching, two graduate students to receive awards for undergraduate teaching, and up to six graduate students to be recognized for outstanding dissertation research. In addition, two awards are made for staff excellence. Award certificates are presented at a reception in late April hosted by the dean of the GSNB. Graduate students registered in the Graduate School-New Brunswick (School 16) are eligible for nomination or competition.