Diversity Fellowships

As part of our commitment to fostering exploration, discovery, and innovation in graduate education, we are pleased to offer annual Diversity Fellowships to talented incoming students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Based on a broad definition of diversity, these fellowships are designed to help our graduate programs recruit and retain excellent graduate students across the disciplines.

In order to streamline the nomination process for Diversity Fellowships, we have adopted a new submission system:

  • Nominations must be submitted by Graduate Program Directors only between January and February of each year, using the Grad Portal.
  • Faculty Evaluators drawn from the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields review a subset of candidates in their respective areas and make their recommendations to the Graduate School's Selection Committee.
  • The Selection Committee aggregrates the faculty recommendations and determines the overall rankings for the entire applicant pool.

For Graduate School (School 16) programs, only first-year PhD applicants are eligible for nomination. New awards carry a stipend of $25,000, tuition remission, and Fellows health insurance.

The nomination period for our 2017-18 Diversity Fellowships is now closed. We will announce start of the 2018-19 nomination period during the first week of January 2018.