Conference Travel Funding

Each year, the School of Graduate Studies offers Conference Travel funding to SGS doctoral students who are presenting research at national and international conferences. Because we are in a transition year with regard to the merger of our policies, practices, and forms, we are operating in “status quo” mode this semester when it comes to such funding.

Please check with your graduate program’s Administrative Assistant for the mechanism by which you should apply.

The instructions, protocols, and deadlines below are intended only for those who will be using our Awards Portal.


The Awards Portal has closed for the Fall 2017 cycle. The portal will reopen in February for the Spring 2018 cycle.


To submit an application, please log in to the Awards Portal and complete the online application, taking extra care to select the appropriate graduate program and to provide an accurate, up-to-date email address. Error messages might appear as you fill out your application, but as soon as you input the correct information and click on the next available field, those messages will disappear.

Eligibility Requirements

  • With the exception of students enrolled in our Biomedical Sciences programs, graduate students enrolled in all other SGS doctoral programs are eligible to apply for Conference Travel Awards using the Awards Portal.
  • If you have already received at least $500 in Graduate School conference travel funding since enrolling at Rutgers, you are ineligible to apply for additional support. This restriction does not apply to additional conference travel funding awarded by individual graduate programs or external funders. Please contact your graduate program if you have questions about past awards.

Instructions for Graduate Students

  • You may apply only once per spring and fall semester. The Awards Portal will not accept late submissions, so please submit your application no later than March 1st at 11:59 PM.
  • Please note that individual graduate programs might establish earlier deadlines for internal review of Conference Travel Award applications. If your graduate program has decided to adopt an earlier deadline for internal review, you will be notified by your program’s administrators.

Instructions for Graduate Directors

  • Graduate Directors must submit their ranked applications no later than March 15th at 5:00 PM.
  • Please log in to the Awards Portal to review, rank, and submit your rankings.